Modern technological advances have revolutionized the business environment. With the integration of technology and the internet into every facet of life, we are truly living in the information age. Unfortunately, we are also living in the disinformation age where anyone including, business partners, investors and clients can give the appearance that they are something they are not. Unfortunately, that leaves your business at risk of loss.

With decades of experience in the debt collection industry, we have identified patterns and methods used by “bad debtors” which costs business billions of dollars each year. While Accounts Receivable is the premier choice for recovering debts once they become past due, we are also the first line defense against ever being in the position of needing to collect in the first place.

Accounts Receivable has developed an industry-leading suite of tools that can assist clients in credit screening, risk management, employee screening and asset validation. By refusing to leave decisions that cost your business thousands of dollars to chance and eliminating unnecessary risks, Accounts Receivable can be your shield against losses.

Single Searches
Run Detailed Reports Specific To The Information You Need (Ex. Phone, Address, Place of Employment, Evictions, and Much More!)
Full Report Packages
Accounts Receivable's Most Comprehensive Report Gives You A Full Dossier On The Individual or Business That You Request!
Full Access
Accounts Receivable Offers Accredited Businesses Access To Our Proprietary Skip Tracing Software So You Can Run Reports At Any Time.
"Trust But Verify."
~ Ronald Regan ~
Single Reports 
For clients that are looking to conduct a full business report on a new client that has purchased a big order, a customer that is beginning to make late payments or even run a report on a possible business partner our full report packages will give you the vital information you need to protect your investments and mitigate financial loss.  

Standard Search
Our Most Basic Search Report That Gives You The Most Relevant Information On The Business Or Individual You Request. 
Professional Search
The Next Step Up In Search Reports That Gives You The Most Accurate Relevant Information On The Business Or Individual You Request. 
Executive Search
The Most Extensive Search Report In The Industry That Gives You The Most Detailed and In Dept Information On The Business Or Individual You Request. 
For clients looking to conduct frequent reports, we offer access to our proprietary software which will allow clients to purchase reports at will. Clients are billed for reports run on a bimonthly basis (twice a month). Clients will have an interactive dashboard where they can access previously pulled reports and we can build custom reports utilizing multiple searches for convenience. Customers that sign up for this service are required to apply and undergo a compliance evaluation which includes and onsite inspection. Complete the application below to start the process or contact one of our dedicates specialists to learn more about this service.